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The Red Line in Jerusalem

The light rail in Jerusalem was the first light rail project to be planned and implemented in Israel. It passes between Pisgat Ze’ev in the north, along Bar Lev Road,
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The Red Line in Tel Aviv

The Red Line is a 24-km long LRT line, 12 km of which is underground. It is the backbone of the network of lines in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area
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Highway 6, Section 21/2

Highway 6 is a high-speed multi-lane road that extends 170km across Israel, from north to south. This section, from Rahat to Shoket, includes five interchanges. Highway 6 is a two-way
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The Purple Line in Gush Dan

The Purple Line, part of the light rail system in the Gush Dan area, connects the city of Tel Aviv to Givat Shmuel, Kiryat Ono and Yehud. Thousands of people
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Track 431

Track 431 will be part of the suburban rail system surrounding Gush Dan, and an importantlink in both the suburban and national railway systems. Thousands of people commute from the
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Neighborhood 21 in Shoham

This new neighborhood, at Shoham’s southern entrance, includes 1,450 residential units and all the infrastructure needed to support them. Shoham is located about 27km from Tel Aviv and 36km from
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Route 431

Route 431 is an important part of Israel’s national road system, connecting Modi’in in the east with Highway 20 (Netivei Ayalon) in the west. The road, which opened in 2009, was
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The Blue Line in Jerusalem

The Blue Line is a 21km stretch of light rail that will connect Jerusalem’s Ramot neighborhood in the north to Gilo and Malha, in the south. The Blue Line, part
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Bravo Lot, Ben Gurion Airport

Ben Gurion Airport’s Bravo Lot, which serves arriving cargo planes, required an upgrade to meet modern safety standards and new fleets. Ben Gurion Airport is Israel’s main international and busiest
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Ofnidan – Ariel Bicycle Path

The Ariel Bicycle Path is an 11km path that extends from Rishon Letzion to Tel Aviv, bringing cyclists to Israel’s busiest city. The 11km long Ariel Bicycle Path is one
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Cargo Terminal at the Allenby Bridge

The Allenby Bridge, the main transport point for exchange between the Palestinian Authority and Jordan, required a new cargo terminal for handling growing demand. The Allenby Bridge is located about
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Fourth Arm at Terminal 3, Ben Gurion Airport

Construction of two new aircraft lots, as part of the expansion of Ben Gurion Airport Terminal 3, including transportation routes and parking spaces. Ben Gurion Airport is Israel’s main international
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Road 16

The main entrance to Jerusalem, Israel’s most populated city, is plagued by traffic congestion. Highway 16 offers an alternative entrance to the city to ease congestion. The western entrance to
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Highway 1

The main highway that connects Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is one of Israel’s busiests roads, and was long due for an upgrade. Highway 1 is a busy highway that connects
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Highway 20

Highway 531 is a road in the Sharon area that starts in the west at Highway 20 and reaches Highway 6. Part of this project is Road N 20. This
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