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Company Profile

Company Profile



DEL Engineering, Ltd. is the core company of the DEL Group.

DEL Engineering is one of the largest and most important engineering firms in Israel, known for the high professional quality of its work, its reliability and its level of service.

The variety of services it provides includes design in the fields of transportation and transport systems, including roads, railways, airports and ports.  It also performs various urban development works.

DEL Engineering provides its consulting services on a variety of projects, from small scale to mega-projects at all stages of design: from programmatic and preliminary planning and accompaniment of statutory processes through detailed design and construction supervision.

DEL Engineering’s expertise is in planning and in design management (as lead designer) for complex multidisciplinary projects with numerous consultants.  Among these projects are: Ben Gurion Airport 2000, Highway 6, Highway 431,
the Jerusalem Light Rail Project, the Red Line of the Tel Aviv Light Rail Project, the Ben Gurion Airport-Modi’in rail lines, industrial zones and residential sites throughout Israel.

Our clients have the option of receiving all consulting services on infrastructure projects through DEL Engineering as a package deal without having to employ secondary consultants.

DEL Engineering has been granted certification for compliance with the ISO 9001 quality assurance standard by the Standards Institution of Israel.



DEL Engineering has offices in Tel Aviv employing approximately 85 workers.

At the head of the company are design managers with many years of experience and seniority who have been associated with the company since its founding.

Projects are managed by several autonomous design teams, each one the size of a moderately-sized design office.  At the head of these teams are team leaders who are partners in the firm with extensive professional experience.

Work using design teams has several advantages:

 The knowledge, experience and variety of projects and services are those of a large company, but service and accessibility to the client is like that of a small company.

Team specialization according to client, profession and field of activity.

Optimal distribution and integration of workload.

Possibility of backup for the teams on particularly large projects, with focused effort, coordination of vacations, etc.



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