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Jerusalem Light Rail Project The Blue Line
Jerusalem Transportation Master Plan Team
The Jerusalem Light Rail Project Blue Line is planned to be the second or third line in the mass transit system according to the Jerusalem Transportation Master Plan.
The line begins north of Golda Meir Boulevard adjacent to the interchange with Highway 9, [passing] southbound to the Bar Ilan Intersection, continues together with the Green Line at Shmuel Hanavi Street to the intersection with Yafo Street and then, together with the Red Line, continues on King George Street to the railway site. From there, through the Patt Intersection, it continues together with the Green Line and ends in the Malkah-Technological Park area.
The line is planned to be about 12 km long.
There are 22 stations.
A team was set up together with the French company Sistra and the a local traffic export company (MATI) .
About 10 sub-consult were employed in the planning.
DEL's staff served as the lead alignment designer and design manager. The design work included preliminary, final and detailed design.
Project value:
Approximately NIS 360 million
Services provided for this project:
* Planning of the alignment
* Design management, including the following fields:
- Traffic planning
- Architectural design
- Structural design
- Ventilation design
- Safety planning
- Site development and landscape design
- Infrastructure planning
* Preparation and consulting during the statutory process

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