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Company Profile
Highway 45
Ma’atz – the Israel National Road Company
Ma’atz – the Israel National Road Company
Highway 45 is a national high-speed roadway connecting the coastal region with Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley. This road appears in Jerusalem’s master plan as the primary entrance to the capital. Highway 45 is designed as a 3-lane roadway in each direction with interchanges over its entire length. The segment designed by DEL Engineering is between Ben Shemen and Atarot and includes a spur to Jerusalem in the Atarot-Ramot segment (Highway 4 in Jerusalem). This road is divided into several segments:
• Ben Shemen-Modi’in: 10 kilometers long, including a 750 m long tunnel and the Modi’in Interchange.
• Modi’in-Givat Ze’ev: 17 kilometers long including 3 kilometers of tunnels and 1 km of viaduct as well as the Givat Ze’ev Interchange.
• Givat Ze’ev-Atarot-Ramot: 12 kilometers long, including the Atarot Interchange.
Planning at various levels: preliminary through detailed construction has been completed in the dual-carriageway two-lane format (without interchanges) in the Givat Ze’ev-Atarot-Ramot segment
Project value:
NIS 1.2 billion in the segment planned by DEL Engineering.
Services provided for this project:
• Programmatic and preliminary physical design
• Preparation of statutory plans.
• Detailed physical design.
• Roadway structure design.
• Preparation and compilation of specifications and estimates.
• General supervision.
• Principal designer – management of outside consultants: surveys, structural design, soils, tunneling, landscape, drainage, lighting and control.
• Special design issue: design of slope protection in marl soils using shotcrete
• Coordination of utilities.
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