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Highway 431
Ma’atz Headquarters
Highway 431 is a new 20 km-long high-speed expressway in the southern part of the Metropolitan Tel Aviv region connecting Highway 1 (the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem Highway) on the east with Highway 20 (Netivei Ayalon) on the west.
This new road connects with intersecting north-south highways and provides access to nearby towns and villages through 12 planned interchanges.
Design of the highway includes a railway right-of-way in the median.
The government of Israel decided that the highway will be constructed with private participation. A special PFI tender was thus prepared in order to determine the concessionaire, who will construct the road and maintain it for a period of 25 years. The tender was published in 2004. Construction began at the end of 2005 with an estimated construction time of 3 years.
Project value:
$325 million
Services provided for this project:
• Preliminary design (including secondary consultants).
• Preparation of city outline plans.
• Coordination with authorities and infrastructure operators.
• Detailed design (including secondary consultants).
• Preparation of materials for the PFI tender.
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